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BUSIGNERS – Employee Experience Talks

Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Color grading

Employee Experience talks concept BUSIGNERS
Employee Experience talks branding Mariana Coutinho
Production BUSIGNERS
Film location set Fundação Leal Rios
Camera operators Nuno Assunção, Romeu Carvalho, João Afonso
Make-up artist Marta Sousa Silva
Production Co brunomartins.pt

“EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE TALKS powered by BUSIGNERS: In a set of 5 episodes we will present the vision and the experience of some experts who are developing Employee Experience in their organizations. We will understand the contexts that have led them to invest in this topic, the initiatives they have in progress, and their expectations for the future. – BUSIGNERS

exTalks | Trailer
Episode 1/5 . “What is employee experience” with: Carla Rocha & Carmen Almeida, from BUSIGNERS”
Episode 2/5 . “Innovation in HR management” with: Carmen Almeida, from BUSIGNERS & Ricardo Peres, From CENTRAL DE CERVEJAS/HEINEKEN GROUP


Episode 3/5 . “Culture and emotions” with: Susana Branco, from BUSIGNERS & Njiza Costa, from ICOGN


Episode 4/5 . The Role Of Technology” With: Carla Rocha, From BUSIGNERS & Luis Antunes, From PHC SOFTWARE
Episode 5/5 . “Future Workplaces” with: Susana Branco, from BUSIGNERS & Teresa Vendeirinho, from STEELCASE
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